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Maxi knit dress closed with a long zipper on the back. 


  • Materials


100% Upcycling. Made from an upcycled table cloth, a knit jumper. 


  • Size guide (M&L)

Shoulder width:46cm /long sleeved: 58cm/long: 120cm


  • Design inspiration


Inspired by a brave young warrior that led the Dahomey Amazon to war against the French and the Egba fortress of Abeokuta (Nigeria). It is known that was born in 1835 and at 10 years old was selected to start training as a warrior. At that period it was a privilege to be part of this. 5 years after she became the leader of the 6.000 Dahomey warrior. She was very respected by the King of Dahomey and also very beautiful. In 1882  Seh-Dong and the King led 2.000 warriors to fight against the French colonists battle over trading rights. Even if Dahomey were less armed, they forced the French to step back. After the battle, they used to burn down the camping of the enemies. She left a legacy: fight for your people and your rights.

Maxi-dress Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh

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