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Hi! I'm Jaira, creator of Kistaku Handmade Upcycling Fashion

What motivated me to create Kistaku Handmade Upcycling Fashion?


I’ve been unconsciously practicing Upcycling since I was a child. Both of my grandmothers were dressmakers and I always spent so many hours reusing the leftovers to make clothes for the dolls. I could say, knack it is one of my strong skills. I’ve always been a very active and creative person. I loved to spend my time dancing, painting, going outdoor to play, and explore in nature. 
Studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Murcia, the city where I raised, I started knowing the real consequences of the massive industries. I always had the feeling that if one day I had a business, It must follow as far as possible, real ethical values. Before jumping into the project, I lived in São Paulo for 2 years and Edinburgh for 1 year, with the objective of fulling my bag of knowledge, experience, and also personal development. 

However, it was here in Paris where I found the influential inspiration for doing my own Upcycling Fashion Project.
I started searching for alternatives to the traditional ways of fashion, getting knowledge about the work conditions of the factories, the international maze, and the desire of monopolization of the big companies. I started ground my ideas about the environmental damages as well as the cultural alienation. 
Navigating around it, I found the wave of Slow Fashion, Fash Revolution Community, Circular Culture practices, the creation of young responsible fashion projects, and a new conscience. 
I wanted to be part of it.

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