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Retailers & Stores

If you are a retailer and would like to have our brand Kistaku Handmade Upcycling Fashion in your shop, please, send us an email at kistakuhandmade@gmail.com with your proposal. Note that all our pieces are exclusive. 
If you have an online store, sending the stock won't be possible until the order of the customer is confirmed. We can certainly publish in your store all the product information. 
If you have an establishment or physical store, we can send the products to your store, therefore you will have exclusive limited edition products. 

We have no limits of territories always that we can understand each other! We speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese! 

Collabs & Community

If you are an artist, photographer, dancer, musician, blogger, influencer, model or designer and you would like to organize a collab with us, we are always open to support independent creators and grow our community! We have plain of ideas and we will love to share them with you! Email us at kistakuhandmade@gmail.com or send us a PM on instagram @kistaku_upcycling.

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