What is Kistaku? 
Kistaku is an independent young fashion project born to be part of the Circular Culture.
Upholding sustainable processes and the reduction of the consume of Fast Fashion Industries. 

What Kistaku means? 

Kistaku or "Ki-staku" which means "my star" in Totonaca, a Mexican Ethnical Group based in Veracruz. Probably the Totanacas used the astrological star in their vocabulary, but instead, I wanted to symbolise the starfish for their ability to regenerate amputated limbs. 

In Upcycling we do not let just die, we reuse, repair and regenerate.

Why Kistaku? 

Because we are running out of resources and we only have this earth to live in.

Because we waste so much when we can use what is already created.

Because there are better work conditions for the humans.

Because we want to create individual identities, not alined patterns. 

Because we believe in wearable and accessible clothes

Because independent small project must have the opportunity too.  

Because we create with illusion, at home and by hand, every single piece, one by one.