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  • Design

Light cotton, perfect for summer nights. Elastic turtle neck and poofy sleeves attached with elastic. 


On the front you will find an ellaborated patchwork, mix of prints and colours that makes the perfect contrasts with the white. The white fabric has also its print, it contains a white floral. 


On the back, a floral print plein of colours. Buttoned placket also on the back (to break the rules!)


  • Size guide valid for S,M and L


  • Materials


The white fabric was a cotton duvet cover. The floral fabric of the back was a dress and the rest of the details are made from leftovers of other projects. Fabric found in Emmaus Alternatives.


  • Design inspiration

Citric flavour inspiration. Fresh, bitter and feels good! This kind of sensation represents a lot my mind state. I grow up in a city plain of lemon trees and that smell is unique. Let yourself to feel fresh and good everytime you wear it


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