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  • Design

Bluse or dress? Really up to you! V- neckline, poofy sleeves and buttoned placket on the front. 


Patchwork on the sleeves and curved shirt hem.


  • Size guide valid for S,M and L

If you are XS or S you can wear it as a dress with style maxi bluse-shirt. 

If you are M or L you can wear it as a maxi bluse-shirt with shorts, jeans etc.


  • Materials

This fabric is an Indonesian Batik. I found it in Leboncoin. The lady that sold it was very friendly and it was a really nice experience! she got the fabric 10 years ago in Indonesia traveling with her best travel company, her mum.


The rest of the details are made from leftovers as you can see some of them were used for different creations. The power of ZeroWaste work!


  • Design inspiration

I just fall in love for this print. Cerezas are cherries in spanish. Cherries are juicy and sweet as this creation is!


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