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  • Materials

Quilted blanket, occasion satin fabric & 2 hand made


  • Design

Quilted dark beige armour closed at the sides at waist level with brown belt decorated with a bow. The lining is made from a satin fabric (Versace's print inspiration). Warm maxi turtleneck.


  • Size guide (S,M,L)

Shoulders width: 52 cm /long: 38cm/neck contour:61cm


  • Design inspiration


Inspired by Boadicea, a brave Celtic Queen. Boadicea was a warrior queen who led a big army to fight against the Romans. Her daughter was raped by the Roman which causes her immediate rebellion in AD 61. She led a fighting battle to victory, however, Romans ended colonising Britain. She poisoned herself to avoid slavery or surrender. She was a defender of injustices, savour of the people, strong and disciplined.

Badicea's quilted armour

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